As it sometimes happens, we never intended to make a movie seriously – our first one was just for fun. I was trying out the stop frame technique with my camera and co-incidentally my son had just got his presents from grandma: Tolo “First Friends House” complete with car. So, it was a perfect opportunity to test my skills. 

For this first scene I simply used a corner in my son's room, mounted my Canon DSLR with Manfrotto tripod (I love it so much!), quickly thought out a short scenario and began to shoot. 

Suprisingly, it took over four hours to shoot the whole story. Very soon my son was bored and had left me to play with his toys but gradually, step by step, the story appeared on the camera screen. I didn’t use any specific software so I got simply took the photographs in sequence and blended them in Sony Vegas that was available on my PC. 

After I had made a draft cut we started to look at the sound and in particular something unique. That task was carried out perfectly by my wife :) With that all completed we had our first movie in a matter of days - and here it is!