DIY camera slider-dolly 1.0

This is preview of my new DIY equipment - slider for animation and time lapse shooting.
Right now it's more like a "dolly" because it's on the wheels and look more like video gear. But I'm going to motorize this dolly by adding step motor with controller.

And another platform for camera is on the way.
It will slide on same rails and will have stop mechanism which will be more suitable for animation process - I move it by hands and I don't want it to slide away while I'm busy with scene.

Full review will be later.

Railway advanture

Everyone loves a train.. and so this is one of the most interesting toys in our First Friend series. We wanted to show how smooth and beautiful it rides - and just how many stories can be built around the railway track.

In this movie we used the largest amount of decorations so far - 3 printed backgrounds (usually it's one is enough) - plus a number of railway podiums made of a polystyrene base covered with small stones carefully applied with glue. That makes the railway look real and provides different combinations of track movement - the car passing railway and traffic lights - as well as the crossroads and rail transfer.

The platform and clock for the railway station were also handmade.

Besides the main plot there is also a construction series included in this story - three funny boys with heavy instruments that were very interesting to animate :)

Unfortunately, we were not available to work with Daniel Olsen our music composer on this movie as he was very busy but we were lucky to meet Dmitry Nechepurenko who created a simple and nice melody that fits in with out storyline.

Check out more photos from backstage.

Polystyrene, stones and glue:

Making podium for car to pass railway: 

Railway podiums in action: 

Using slider to place camera above the scene: 

Making of stones (polystyrene and acrylic paint): 

Quick note for last scenes: 

Screenshots from final movie. Watch in fullscreen.