Lifetime of First Friends Adventures

Finally it's here! We started this project year ago and after a large pause I'm happy to present a story of a small boy grow up fast - becoming a man - and a father. Along the way he meets new people, changes his career and experiences new places. Eventually he finds way back home to give new life... and to start a whole new story.

As we have to show the hole world discovered by our hero I decided to use paper cut-out decorations. This technique looks clean, bring depth to images and helps to imagine any place and any situation while keeping focused on our hero. 

It took a lot of paper and hand-made work. All decoration was build on white fabric from paper with scissors and black markers ... and it took a hell of a lot of time! I was sure it would be easy to make with simple shapes and line... I was wrong.  

This was the most retouched video we have made so far. From 1000 images 400 had to be retouched. That was a true challenge for my wife. Special thanks for that! 

As usual Daniel Olsén did wonderful job. This time it was incredible - the music suited the animation from the start!

Here is more of backstage.

Constructing new heavy duty slider 
using 3 tripods and big 25mm rails: 

Fixed mount for tripods. Now they have to stand still for 3 months. 

Assembling support for jump and dive animation. 

Prepearing to dive.




"Real size" airplane was huge. 

"Automatic" doors :) 

DIY camera slider-dolly 1.0

This is preview of my new DIY equipment - slider for animation and time lapse shooting.
Right now it's more like a "dolly" because it's on the wheels and look more like video gear. But I'm going to motorize this dolly by adding step motor with controller.

And another platform for camera is on the way.
It will slide on same rails and will have stop mechanism which will be more suitable for animation process - I move it by hands and I don't want it to slide away while I'm busy with scene.

Full review will be later.